Sharp Animator

SharpAnimator is a fantastic new Stop Motion Animation Program

You just require a webcam, some clay and lots of enthusiasm


You can download the latest version of Sharp Animator here

  • You can create full AVI videos or simple small gif files, such as this .
  • The application has a full film strip view of your project. You can use onion skinning to help with the motion of you figures.
  • Finally you can also use chroma key to add still or moving videos into the backgrounds of your animations.
  • ScreenSnap

This is also the support and information site for the free Sharp Animator and ExpressFTP applications.
Here you can get help and support for the application. Please register and also browse the forums.
If your firewall doesn't like downloading the exe then you can download a zip version here.

Just unpack to a temp folder and run the setup.exe program there.

You can also download the latest version of ExpressFTP here

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